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18U Instructional Team Camp - 06/25/15 to 06/28/15   $1,400.00
16U Instructional Team Camp - 06/28/15 to 07/01/15   $1,200.00
JR. Dawgs Baseball Summer Youth Camp I - 07/06/15 to 07/09/15   $350.00
JR. Dawgs Baseball Summer Youth Camp II - 07/13/15 to 07/16/15   $350.00
JR. Dawgs Baseball Summer Youth Camp III - 07/20/15 to 07/23/15   $350.00
JR. Dawgs Baseball Summer Youth Camp IV - 07/27/15 to 07/30/15   $350.00
JR. Dawgs Baseball Summer Youth Camp V - 08/03/15 to 08/06/15   $350.00
Washington Baseball Diamond Dawg Experience - 08/04/15 to 08/07/15   $395.00
Washington Baseball School Top Dawg Prospect Camp - 08/21/15 to 08/23/15   $399.00

UW Camp FAQs

Q. Can I watch the camp?

A. Parents are highly encouraged to watch the session. By learning the material, they can assist their child in reinforcing what was taught. Thus, you are more than welcome to watch.

Coaches will be happy to answer your questions after the drill session is over or after camp should some come up. Of course, your player is encouraged to ask questions at the time of the drill for immediate assistance.


Q. Does the Washington Baseball School provide scholarships or financial assistance?

A. Unfortunately, we are limited by NCAA regulations and are unable to provide financial assistance to our camp.

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