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2016 Jim Morris Day Baseball Camp 1 - 07/05/16 to 07/08/16   $200.00
2016 Jim Morris Day Baseball Camp 2 - 07/11/16 to 07/15/16   $245.00
2016 Jim Morris Day Baseball Camp 3 - 07/18/16 to 07/22/16   $245.00
2016 Jim Morris Day Baseball Camp 4 - 07/25/16 to 07/29/16   $245.00
2016 Jim Morris Day Baseball Camp 5 - 08/01/16 to 08/05/16   $245.00


Q. Why should I come to a Titan Baseball High School Camp?

A. It is a great way for the athletes to get to know the coaches and most importantly be able to showcase their skills in front of the entire Titan coaching staff


Q. What does my son need to do to start the recruiting process?

A. First thing would be to go to our baseball website and completely fill out our online questionnaire. The next step would be to contact the coaches via email and introduce themselves with a small bio and video of themselves playing (very helpful). We are always out recruiting so playing on a Connie Mack/Scout Team, CCYB or Travel team allows us to see you play in competitive environments.

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