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Holiday Hitter’s Camp for HS Players - 12/06/15   $75.00
Holiday Hitter’s Camp for Youth Players - 12/06/15   $75.00
Holiday Pitchers & Catchers Camp for HS Players - 01/24/16   $75.00
Holiday Pitchers & Catchers Camp for Youth Players - 01/24/16   $75.00
Infield Camp for HS Players - 01/31/16   $60.00
Infield Camp for Youth Players - 01/31/16   $60.00
Child & Parent Baseball Camp - 02/21/16   $25.00
Youth Summer Skills Baseball Camp - 06/13/16 to 06/15/16   $200.00

EC Camp FAQs

Q. What do college coaches look for at camps & showcases?

A. Depending on your camp location, coaches are looking for players that stand out or they are looking for players who play positions that they need to fill.

Just be yourself and let your skills showcase themselves. Don't try to push to do something special, just work hard, be ready for camp, look the part and let nature take it's course. If you present yourself professionally, work hard and have a good attitude, the coaches will notice you.

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